About us-1

Our History

Since its inception in 1991, Rushabh Group has worked with clients, communities and colleagues to stand on firm ground as an innovative engineering solutions provider. As a multidisciplinary engineering & Infrastructure firm, our philosophy lies on the grounds of a sustainable environment.

We design, build, operate and manage multiple projects that strive to protect the environment, enrich human lives and develop the infrastructure that stays iconic for years to come.

Our philosophy is geared to preserve the resources for a better, sustainable future. Rushabh Group is the backbone for a better world. A Better Future! ​

Our mission

As we witness the engineering field advancing tremendously in recent years, Rushabh is learning, adapting, and applying new technologies for the benefit of society. We intend to provide our services across the life cycle of every asset that touches civilization. We believe in doing projects that are exposed to opportunities to show our capability and which are truly important and meaningful to us. We believe in the team effort, collaboration within our groups, and then attempt to deliver projects that others can’t.

We are ready to admit when we are wrong and have the courage to change. These values are so blended in us, that we are poised to break through the clutter and achieve more success in years to come.

────  Our vision  ────

Rushabh Group helps people, communities & nations to showcase their capability by creating landmark engineering projects for them and for which not only Rushabh but they also take pride.

────   Who Are We?   ────

We are a visionary firm offering comprehensive infrastructure solutions to every field. We are committed to transforming structural vision into reality as we specialize in engineering services with structural and MEP engineering as our core strength.

Having evolved for more than two and half decades, we have established ourselves as a multidisciplinary engineering firm with a sound belief in creating a sustainable present for a healthy future.

The services we render adhere to three principles, Plan, Manage and Save! We are equipped with unmatched 360-degree solutions to all construction, Infrastructure, and engineering-related problems during its execution and throughout the life cycle of any structure

────   core values   ────

We believe in Integrity, Team work, Innovation, Dedication and Excellence in all our operations, ensuring safe, sustainable and smart, yet economical and environment-friendly engineering solutions.